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The Jack Soref Trio and DRH Guitars have a very special gig coming up!

 -  April 4th 7:00pm Courtesy of Mechanics Hall and 90.5 FM WICN the trio will be playing
Club 321 with special guest, luthier/guitarist Dan Hunt (DRH Guitars) rounding out the trio!
You can get your tickets here:

More info about the show here: 

The Jack Soref Trio will be celebrating the music of guitar hero Django Reinhardt, and the  very special acoustic guitars which have always made his music sing. Django's virtuosic  playing, and beautiful compositions gave birth to a rich musical universe, that the Jack Soref  Trio delights in being a part of. The band will be performing a program of tunes Django either  composed, or breathed new life into, on a bevy of guitars handmade right here in Worcester. For this special show, the trio will be comprised of three guitarists, Jack Soref, his closest collaborator Jameson Stewart, and the man who built the instruments they play, Worcester's own Dan Hunt (DRH Guitars). Dan has promised to bring a number of his creations along with him, and the evening will be a fun showcase, of not just the music, but how surprising and unique each handmade instrument can be. Expect to hear, sizzling Django style guitar, rollicking swing jazz, impressionistic melodies, and fun stories about Django, a musician's life, and what it's like building guitars.   

I am thrilled, and honored! The track "Dr. Soref", (written for my Father) from my album
Rain on the Terrace,  has been included on the compilation album Django Festival 14
produced by legendary record label Hot Club Records

My album of original tunes, Rain on the Terrace is out, and available for sale!
To get a physical copy of the disc, or digital copy of the disc, you can...
contact me directly at
You can also download digital copies of the album here:
Rain on the Terrace on Amazon
Rain on the Terrace on Apple Music

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