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Vacation on Grand Turk!

The Burren Jazz Manouche Quartet is on vacation on the Island of Grand Turk Aug. 27th-Sep. 1st! 
We will be jamming, dancing and enjoying the island air all week, and offering some fun,
free events
 that we would love to share with anyone on Grand Turk who wants to join in!

Weds Aug. 30th - we will be offering a free group swing dance lesson followed by a dance with live music at the Salt Raker Inn.

Thurs Aug. 31st - on the patio of the Turks and Caicos National Museum, we will be having live swing music and an open night of dancing for those who want to dance, and listening for those who just like listen.

Fri. Sep. 1st - there will be a free concert in the dining room, at the Salt Raker Inn, featuring the Burren Jazz Manouche Quartet

All events are totally free, and require no ticket etc. We would love to share the fun and the music with the whole Grand Turk community!


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